A thriller that explores the truth or lies behind a teenage girl’s multiple personality disorder, from D.J. Palmer, the author of The New Husband.

Meet Ruby, who speaks with a British accent.

Then there’s Chloe, a perfectionist who strives for straight A’s in school.
And along comes Eve, who is spiteful and vicious.
All of them live inside Penny…
Or do they?

Penny Francone, age sixteen, is a murderer. Her guilt is beyond doubt: she was found alone in the victim’s apartment, covered in blood, holding the murder weapon. The victim’s identity and her secret relationship to Penny give Penny the perfect motive, sealing the deal. All the jury needs to decide now is where Penny will serve out her sentence. Will she be found not guilty by reason of insanity, as her lawyer intends to argue? Or will she get a life sentence in a maximum-security prison?
Already reeling from tragedy after the sudden passing of her beloved husband a few years before, now Grace is on her knees, grateful that Massachusetts doesn’t allow the death penalty.

As Penny awaits trial in a state mental hospital, she is treated by Dr. Mitchell McHugh, a psychiatrist battling demons of his own. Grace’s determination to understand the why behind her daughter’s terrible crime fuels Mitch’s resolve to help the Francone family. Together, they set out in search of the truth about Penny, but discover instead a shocking hidden history of secrets, lies, and betrayals that threatens to consume them all.

The perfect daughter. Is she fooling them all?


I always enjoy books by D. J. Palmer. This one is his best yet in my opinion. It has quite a bit going one. A family torn apart by a very unknown and confusing mental disorder. DID or dissociative identity disorder. A girl with several faces. Several identities. Several lives. All living inside of her one body. A strong, weak, emotional, angry, loving, frightened, terrified, loving, trusting and not trusting, young lady. Dealing with emotions that she does not begin to understand.

Penny was found at a young age in a park and taken into the home of a very loving family to be sheltered and cared for. A woman who wanted nothing more than to have a daughter to love and protect. A family that had enough love for a little girl that they didn’t know anything about other than her mother freely gave her away. A family, mom, dad, two brothers, who all gave Penny a happy home. So what happened. What went so wrong to cause her to possibly commit a heinous crime. To make her possibly hurt her birth mother. What did her birth mother do to her many years ago to cause such hate. Or is it something else. Someone else. Did Penny or one of her personalities do something so horrible.

This book gives a good look at a mental disorder and also in a behind the scene story of a drug addict. How this disorder affects a teen and what brought it on in her young mind. What caused her to hide behind protectors that lived in her mind. Or was all of that a big charade? Did she make it all up. Could anyone be that good? This is the story of a young lady who is accused of the brutal murder of her birth mother. All she goes through and all she went through. What led up to the things that happened. What really happened. It’s all revealed. Nothing held back. Also the story of a doctor who’s son is addicted to heroine. What it does to him and his depression. How can he help his son. How can he help Penny. How can he help himself. So much going on and so many things are answered in this book.

I actually loved the ending. I thought it was much needed. It helps explain why some people become addicted to drugs. Why it’s easier for one person to walk away yet another’s life is torn apart by taking that one pill or that one drink or that one shot. What is happening in their brain to make them want that again and again. How it may be possible to learn to forgive a person for being weak. I’ve dealt with depression and it’s awful. I know people who have been or who are addicted to drugs. I often wonder why do they do that to themselves. Maybe it because they just can’t help it. Maybe it’s much harder than we know. That sure would explain a lot. I honestly don’t believe anyone decides that they just want to be an addict. To anything. It’s out of their control. That first pill or that first drink or that first bite of food and they are hooked. We need to be more understanding of these things.

This is a very moving and emotional book. Not that you will read it and cry your heart out. It’s not that kind of emotional but the kind that keeps your mind working. Keeps you wanting to help. Keeps you on the edge wondering who you will meet next or who will be the true bad person in this story. Was it a young teenage daughter or a complete stranger. Was it a friend or just some person who lost control. This is a very well written book about a mental disorder, a drug addiction, and murder. About a girl who has to learn the importance of family and love. Also about forgiveness.

Thank you to #Netgalley, #DJPalmer, #stmartinspress for this ARC. This is my own true feelings about this book.

5/5 stars and a high recommendation. It starts out strong and doesn’t let you down.

Published by Linda Moore

I’m an avid reader and leave reviews on every book I read. I love reading and you will hardly ever see me without my kindle. I have an active blog at:

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